List of products by brand Patagonia


Patagonia a brand a mission, since the small company that produced climbing equipment was born, it has only a few aspects in mind: producing and selling the best product without causing unnecessary environmental damage and investing profits in solutions to combat the environmental crisis.

This is how Patagonia clothing has been producing the best garments with the lowest possible environmental impact for decades; wearing a Patagonia shirt means being the bearer of this message and perhaps it is precisely for this reason that the brand has conquered many young people all over the world who love to wear the Patagonia logo printed on sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Whether you visit beautiful and unspoiled places or our cities every day wearing a Patagonia t-shirt made of recycled cotton and plastic bottles the message we transmit is simple and effective and we can somehow feel proud to preserve in our small way the places we love most.

Wearing a Patagonia garment does not mean only being attentive to the environment but it also means being sure that you have chosen a garment made with the utmost attention to detail and with the best materials, a garment made to last over time thanks also to a design that does not it never ages.

The repair program on Patagonia jackets also ensures that you can pass on yours to future generations, in fact, Patagonia will take care of every repair on your favorite jacket, forever. Even if you are buying a Patagonia t-shirt because it is cool at the moment, remember that you are making a commitment to the environment that surrounds you!

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